Superflat Flooring (VNA)

Super Flat Flooring (VNA warehouse Flooring)

super flat flooring

As a Super Flat Flooring Contractor BGSB has the highly skilled team to design and cast " Superflat Concrete Floors" as per the tolerances prescribed by International flooring standards including:

A) Technical Report 34 (TR-34)  DM-1, 2 ~ 3  FM-1, 2 & 3

B) DIN – 15 185 and 18202

C) ASTM  1155  

Why Super flat floors? 

 "Floor flatness us the fundamental performance requirment in floors and an important consideration in terms of construction" . The introduction of highrise forklift trucks means and requires greater attention to the flat flooring system specifications, their achievements and measurement and essential.

BGSB is considered to be the most experienced company in India, with maximum number of Super flat floors already handed over to the warehousing industry. Super flat concrete flooring is considered to be most skillful job in flooring industry as it needs sharp precision in controlling levels which also includes selection of high quality concrete. BGSB's in-house mix design team is expert in developing the concrete mix, which makes the floor resistant to the shrinkage cracking, dusting and other defects which otherwise affects the performance of floor in a warehouse. BGSB always believes in educating their clients by sharing information and knowledges on how to achieve the most high quality floor which otherwise is not shared by other contractors.

Static Lean on Effect on High Fork Lift

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Super flat flooring table 3


 Super flat flooring table 1

Super flat flooring table 2

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