Polished Concrete-Industrial Floors

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Polished Concrete™ System - Industrial

An Eco-Living Floor

BGSB now offers the "Prep To Polish" Signature Concrete Polishing System, developed by Substrate Technology Inc. USA in India, best suited for Industrial Units, Retail outlets and warehousing facilities with outstanding warranty of 10 years. BGSB's unique Polished Concrete System eliminates the need of continuously replacing the floor covering thus making it value for money proposition. The polished Concrete Flooring is also becoming the preferred choice of the ones looking for ultimate NO WAX / EPOXY flooring options. Concrete floors may wear out due to multiple reasons like water logging damages, surface pressure, de-lamination, improper curing, etc., but regardless of the age, the concrete slab can be polished using the signature process.

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Procedure Details:

Moreover, no special acid agents are required in order to prepare the surface and the initial preparation consists of 5 to 7 steps of surface grinding. This is done in order to achieve a dense level as top surface of concrete is often found to be dusty, soft and porous. Polishing with resin diamond pads up to 3000 grit level subsequently follows this procedure. Additionally, based on specific requirements, Lithium silicate based Nano liquid floor hardeners and penetrating surface densifiers are also used for arriving at the right sheen and highly increased surface abrasion resistance. As per the International studies the top surface abrasion resistance is increased by at least 5 times.

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Fact file:

A) In an unpolished concrete, tiny particles of dust are pushed to the surface through an upward force. This can be termed as concrete dusting. Dusting may force epoxies and other commonly used floor toppings and sealers off of the surface of concrete floors, and can lead to high cost of maintenance for industrial floors.

B) The polished concrete treatment acts as shield to prevent water, oil, grease and other de-icing chemicals from penetrating into the surface making it ideal choice for industrial floors and heavy duty floors.

C) Almost any concrete slab can be polished, regardless of its age. There are many reasons for concrete industrial floors to wear out due to water logging damages, surfaces pressure, de-lamination, improper curing, curled cold joints, joint shoulder failure as examples.

BGSB's signature process of polishing involves grinding the top surface of the old / affected concrete floor, including any unlevelled areas with divots or holes which further densifies the exposed surface beneath. Aged concrete is strengthened with this process.

D) Polished concrete system increases the surface reflectivity thus helping in saving the energy bills by at least 30%.

E) Polished Concrete floors are slip resistance. If regularly mopped and cleaned, polished concrete floors will prove to be much less slippery than sealed or waxed floors.

F) Increased life of truck tires -  most industrial floors have curling joints, from where the concrete bows upward on the edges during concrete curing. After the application of grinding & polishing on the affected areas, it will level the curl joints and make the entire surface smooth, helping tires last much longer.

G) Polished concrete floorscan last as long as the slab exists, with very minimal maintenance and mopping schedule, polished concrete provide savings over short and long term.

H) Polished concrete is 100% green flooring option because it drastically reduces the use of different floor topping, coverings or coatings over a given slab on a project, which on the other leads to land-fills upon their eventual replacement. It also reduces the energy requirements  by at least 30%. In addition signature system of polishing not only upholds aesthetically pleasing design but also aligns with the LEED rating system and contributes to LEED points.